"I've been in the gallery business for 25 years and have loved the beauty of your talents for a very long time. I was the first gallery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to promote your images and now on my website as well,


Thank you Maija for your wonderful contribution to the intriguing world of art! We look so forward to each new edition. The site is great Kevin and very user friendly! Great job! "

Dianne Nazaretian

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For 30 Years Maija has expressed her understanding of the spirit and beauty of the Native American Culture.  The stoic peace and grace of this historic culture is not captured, but rather released through her vision of their personal loves of Mother Earth and her wondrous creatures. You can sense the lovingness, and the tragedy of each subject.

Many of Maija's extremely satisfied clients feel akin with her soulfull synergy with these proud Indians. Share the story through the artistic expression that is uniquely Maija.

Although Maija has used other media, her favorite and most productive is pastels. Her style is distinguished by her subtle use of color and expressions. One cannot help being mesmerized by the emotion she captures in her subjects' eyes - whether it be her maidens, or the character she evokes from her elderly chiefs and rugged mountain men.

Maija has made her home in the foothills of the Rockies. The breathtaking scenery and the Ponderosa pines can only make one imagine a time when the land was untouched and inhabited by none other than the Native American.

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Maija is no longer represented by or affiliated in any way with Kemper Galleries of Colorado Springs.

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