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Although Maija's limited edition, signed prints are much easier to acquire, occasionally we post original pieces here, available for purchase.
Please check back often for the latest original Maija piece.

Originals are only available for purchase by contacting the artist personally.

NEW FOR 2014!

36” X 28 ½” (Unframed)
Please contact Maija for purchase information

“In the Meadow”
Size: 26 1/2 x 32 (unframed)
Please contact Maija for purchase information

“The Clearing”
Size: 27 ¾”w by 23 ½”t (unframed)
Please contact Maija for purchase information

“Play Time”
Size: 19 7/8”w x 15 1/8”t
Please contact Maija for purchase information

NEW FOR 2013!

Size 32”w x 23 3/4” t
Please contact Maija for purchase information

($1500, please contact the artist for details)




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